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Fluid Check Procedure:

Drive vehicle until transmission is at operating temperature.  Raise vehicle on hoist.  Make SURE it is level.  With the transmission in Park and the engine idling, remove Oil level check plug from bottom center of transmission pan as shown in Figure 1.  (It is the allen head plug in the center of the drain plug.  HOLD THE DRAIN PLUG WITH A WRENCH TO PREVENT LOOSENING IT!)  When full, fluid should just trickle out this hole.

Fluid Fill Procedure:

The fill plug is located in the extension housing (see Figure 2) on the 5R55N and toward the back of the case on the passenger side (see Figure 3) on the 5R55W.  It is filled here BUT checked as shown above in the Fluid Check Procedure.

These transmissions require Mercon V fluid!


Figure 1

Figure 2
Figure 3
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